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Three steps to retirement with a big pension

Please help me, please. Ask your friends for help. I'll tell you the most unpleasant secret of my life:Every 10 years or so, I have to deal with a significant loss of business. income.But the battle goes on and on, on the Internet, even in the comments section, people who have lost their business. I've been in this business for 15 years now.I lost my business, which means that I have absolutely no pension. In addition, I don't have any retirement savings (I only have about 1.5 months of salary).I am a citizen of the Russian Federation, so I get most of my income from Russian pensions.Here are three steps I recommend you take if you are concerned about your financial situation.:1) Start with the right intentions.First, it is necessary to understand what "Russian risk" is and how it applies to your case. in your life:This means that you should understand what risks you are taking, and how you can minimize them. the consequences of their occurrence. Secondly, it is important to establish a "shopping plan".This plan should include: the frequency and amount of your upcoming expenses, the distribution of your savings between different asset classes, the size of your planned retirement capital, and the importance of diversification (i.e., the correct allocation of money between different instruments). The third, the most difficult part is to do it.This is the small matter of not having a "stash" with which you can quickly recover from any force majeure (such as a sudden dismissal, a prolonged illness, a severe accident, etc.)If you are used to "shopping" for the first time, you will not be able to cope with the unexpected difficulties. circumstances.Therefore, it is important to learn how to properly manage your personal finances. 2) the Ratio of different instruments in your portfolio.The simplest kind is a share of a particular Issuer or a Fund Manager. These tools are very useful in certain situations, but they are not suitable for all.That is why only very good ones it is suitable for a small group of people called "portfolio investors".The ratio of different financial instruments in your portfolio should be determined by your personal financial "inputs": your age, income level, availability of assets and loans, financial goals, personal financial goals, and much more.Obviously, a high level of income is a requirement for a "stash" that protects your investments from losses.But not for everything.A stable income these can only support your investments (and from which only you are a beneficiary). 3) Index funds.These funds are designed for two main purposes.First, to form a long-term investment portfolio of your assets (which will always be the case due to periodic investment of small amounts).Secondly, to provide